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Disclaimer: This post is late because we’ve been out boating.  We’re stoked that we’re able to get out on the
Often I get asked the question, ‘Where’s your favourite place to paddle?’ Commonly I respond with ‘Scotland’ or ‘Loch Lomond
“It was shaping up to be a good couple of days. The weather was looking warm and dry and the
For the last few days I had watched as they readied their yachts.  It was time again for the round
I was making plans for my time off in August, when Moose rang me out of the blue to tell
The Tana river is the longest river in Kenya. Starting from the Aberdare mountain region and flowing all the way
I stood, blowing life into my hands, untying the boat off the roof had drawn what little heat they had
24 kilometres never really sounds like it’s that big a day when you’re sat with a brew in your hand
More commonly known as Wallaby island, Inchconnachan is situated amongst the larger islands in the middle of Loch Lomond. Having visited
How do we introduce someone who has done so much? Debs is the former world champion, twice, has penned several