Meet The Team

More people, more paddling, more often.

We’re just a couple of paddlers, passionate about promoting paddling. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family’s first time afloat on a paddleboard, you’re a beardy multi day canoe tripper or you’re hucking 20 meter drops with the crew, we’re with you!

Grant Dolier
Grant started paddling over fifteen years ago on the west coast of Scotland. Since then he has explored more of Scotland than most people could imagine. His experiences in the UK and working overseas in the Ardèche, coupled with his extensive knowledge of paddlesports, make him a highly sought after coach and guide.  Grant runs CAG Adventures and is backed by Hōu Canoes and Spade Kayaks, is involved with Scottish Canoe Association as part of the Environmental and Access Team and supports Scouts Scotland with paddlesports provision across Scotland. 

Tom ‘Moose’ Kilpatrick
Moose starting his paddling life on the ponds and rivers in the south east of England. He has slowly worked his way north and has spent the last few years working his way through all things Scottish. As well as being a very experienced and knowledgeable coach and guide across Scotland and the rest of the UK, he spent a summer in Norway and a month in Nepal; apparently they weren’t bad.

We started paddling together in 2013, when Moose finally saw the light and moved to Scotland. The bromance flourished and, to the dismay of our partners, most of our days off were spent together. 

Together we have paddled and swam on countless lochs and rivers in Scotland. We have guided trips together, explored new regions and shared our favourite paddling spots with anyone who will come with us. Abroad, we have paddled on the Soca together as part of a European adventure and the Noguera Pallaresa after an epic journey from Aviemore to Spain. 

If it floats, we love to paddle it.