In the Spotlight: Team PaddleMore

More people, more paddling, more often.

In the Spotlight: Team PaddleMore

To kick off our In the Spotlight we thought that many of you don’t know much about us! So here we go it’s time to learn more about Team PaddleMore

Who are you?
“Team PaddleMore!!”

Why do you paddle?
“G – For me a huge part of paddling is about the journey and getting to explore places in a different way from most, with awesome friends, and most importantly it’s just fun”

What have you got going on in paddling at the moment?
“G – Other than expanding PaddleMore with the help from all of you guys”

Where did you learn to paddle?
“M – A rodent infested pond in the south of England. How I didn’t get ill is beyond me.”

Who is your paddling hero?
“M – A recent one but Boomer/Stooksbury for their love of type two adventures.”

If you could be a part of any moment in paddling history, what would it be (ignore your paddling level, just go for it!)?
“G – I’d have loved to part of the voyageurs exploring and moving goods around Canada.”

If you could paddle with anyone at all, who would it be (not necessarily a paddler)?
“G – I would have loved to have paddled with Andy Jackson”

What is your favourite place you have ever paddled?
“G – Is it a cop out to just say Scotland…. It really does have everything!”

Anywhere you’ve not paddled that you’d like to?
“M – So many places. South America tops the list for whitewater, Greenland for some sea kayaking but there’s still so much of Scotland to explore.”

Your favorite swim (must be you in the water)?
“M – The Awe. I’m pretty sure everyone’s seen the video. Grant’s laugh makes it.
G – The Palaressa, I was too busy taking in the scenery and found myself upside down in a hole with no paddle…”

Do you have a favourite inflatable?
“M – My 10′ cock costume.”

If you could be any animal, what would it be?
“G – Duck, best animals, can swim on the surface, pretty banging at swimming subsurface, good at living on the land and can fly.. They tick all the boxes.”

Write us a joke, we’ve provided a punchline! – “And that’s how I got stuck in a hole”
“Today I discovered that plastic welding was ineffective on latex”

Quick fire would you rather…

Starter or desert
G -Starter M – Starter
Be attacked by twelve duck sized horses or one horse sized duck
G -Horse sized duck, I’d capture it and have it as a shuttle buddy M – duck sized horses
Have two sets of knees or change gender every time you sneeze?
G -Knees I think M – Change gender. It seems like fun with absolutely no ramifications.
Dogs or cats
G -Dogs M – Dogs
Breathe underwater or see in the dark?
G -Underwater breathing then I might be more committed to getting good at freestyle M – Breathe underwater and squirt boat for hours.
Tea or Coffee?
G -Coffee M – Coffee
Lose your paddle, lose your boat?
G – I think my boat, paddles feel more personal M – Lose my boat
Speedos or Shorts?
M – Shorts but only by demand of everyone else.

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