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More people, more paddling, more often.

In the Spotlight: Deborah Pinniger

How do we introduce someone who has done so much? Debs is the former world champion, twice, has penned several books on paddling, is an extremely accomplished photographer and is currently completing her PhD. Beyond all of this, Debs is endlessly inquisitive and has paddled all around the globe, bringing back countless tales of triumph…
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In the Spotlight: Anup Gurung

Moose met Anup Gurung back in 2018 in Nepal where the two found themselves elbow to elbow racing downriver in the Modi Express series. Anup heads up the Nepal Kayak Club who organise the race series, now heading into its fourth year, as a way of bringing together international kayakers, and drawing attention to the…
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In the Spotlight: Team PaddleMore

To kick off our In the Spotlight we thought that many of you don’t know much about us! So here we go it’s time to learn more about Team PaddleMore Who are you? “Team PaddleMore!!” Why do you paddle? “G – For me a huge part of paddling is about the journey and getting to…
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