In the Spotlight: Sal Montgomery

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In the Spotlight: Sal Montgomery

We think there’s no shortage of inspirational, incredible people in paddlesports. We’ve got so many to choose from, but to celebrate international women’s day, we wanted to bring you someone who has been pushing the sport in all sorts of directions. She’s on of our absolute faves and we managed to pin her down between adventures…. So why not take five minutes to sit down and get to know her better. Over to you Sal!

Who are you?

Sal Montgomery

Why do you paddle?

Because it’s the most amount of fun you can possibly have!

What have you got going on in paddling at the moment?

I’ve just got back from paddling in Ecuador, which was awesome! Now I’m in Devon (UK), getting plenty of laps in on the Upper Dart!

Where did you learn to paddle?

Holme Pierre Pont- an artificial whitewater course in Nottingham. From here, I started running rivers in Yorkshire, a favourite being the Swale!

Who is your paddling hero?

I’m going to have to pick two! Casey Bryant Jones and Eli Castleberry. Two very different style of paddlers but both steezy as! 

If you could be a part of any moment in paddling history, what would it be (ignore your paddling level, just go for it!)?

I would say right now is a pretty exciting time in paddling. Many paddlers are pushing harder, going bigger and exploring more.

If you could paddle with anyone at all, who would it be (not necessarily a paddler)?

My mates!

What is your favourite place you have ever paddled?

This is a tough one! I’ve been extremely fortunate to have paddled in several amazing places. If I had to choose just one place though it would probably be Chile, as there is such an incredible amount of world class whitewater on offer.

Anywhere you’ve not paddled that you’d like to?

That’s a pretty long list! South America feels like a second home to me though, so it would be cool to do more exploring there.

Your latest type 2 fun adventure? (Type two fun being retrospective fun, not necessarily fun at the time!)

Maybe walking my Upper Dart shuttle in the wind and hail this morning!

Your favourite swim (must be you in the water)?

Our daily post-paddling swims with my buddy Erin whilst circumnavigating Menorca in sea kayaks!

Do you have a favourite inflatable?

I don’t think I have any! You probably can’t beat a rubber ring for hours of entertainment though!

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A Cormorant! These awesome birds can not only fly but also dive super deep and swim under water! Best of both worlds!

Quick fire would you rather… 

Starter or desert

Pudding every time!

Be attacked by twelve duck sized horses or one horse sized duck

I’d try and charm the horse sized duck with freshly baked bread and grubs, as it would be an awesome way to run shuttle!

Have two sets of knees or change gender every time you sneeze?

Maybe additional articulations would be beneficial…

Dogs or cats 


Breathe underwater or see in the dark?

Breathe underwater! Although seeing in the dark would be very helpful for our charity 24 hour Upper Dart Challenge coming up in a couple of weeks!

Tea or Coffee?

Oo tough one.. Coffee

Lose your paddle, lose your boat?

Neither would be ideal! At least you can use your hands if you’ve still got a boat though..

Speedos or Shorts?

Easy! Dewerstone Ice Cream Life-shorts any day!

Anything else before you go?

Have fun and see you on the water!

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