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In the Spotlight: Team PaddleMore

To kick off our In the Spotlight we thought that many of you don’t know much about us! So here we go it’s time to learn more about Team PaddleMore Who are you? “Team PaddleMore!!” Why do you paddle? “G – For me a huge part of paddling is about the journey and getting to…
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The Tana; Heroes and Hippos

None of us ever thought that day would bring what it did, the dark murky water of the Tana beneath our boats would give us an experience that would change our lives… I was joined that day by one of the local Kenyan paddlers, Wilson. We had paddled the 7 km section leading back to…
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Bliadhn’ Ùr Mhath, Happy New Year!

2019 was a big year for PaddleMore with lots of background work bringing us to finally going live in October, but it’s not the end of the secret projects, so keep watching as we roll into the new year.  2020 is shaping up to be an excellent year for us. You’ll no doubt have read…
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Adventure doesn’t always mean extreme!

Our very first blog post! We’re really excited to start sharing stories and thoughts from members of the paddling community. Stories are so often cut short, limited to 140 characters nowadays, or briefly discussed at the pub after a long day on the water. We think stories are there to be shared far and wide.…
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